Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boxes 'n' things

As noted in my last post, here are some images of some items I took over to Black Door Studio last week:
Coral entanglement keepsake box (6” w x 6” l x 2.875” t)

Copper red floral keepsake box (5" w x 8" l x 3" t)

Gold and green floral keepsake box (4" w x 5" l x 3" t)

Flower dragonfly keepsake box (5.75" w x 5.75" l x 2" t)

Cherry blossoms blank card and matching custom envelope

I've stopped calling my boxes gift boxes, and now refer to them as keepsake boxes. It's amazing to me what a difference a description can make. Gift boxes imply one-time use, while the boxes I make are sturdy, made from acid-free matboard and will last. They're great for display on a shelf and to keep miscellaneous items - photos, keepsakes, collections of plastic miniatures... many things.

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  1. Keepsake, that's a perfect description. I also like treasure boxes. I use one to store photos of friends and family — that I may never get around to placing in an album and enjoy sorting through now and again by hand.