Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New year - what's the word?

A friend of mine started a tradition a few years ago that I've completely co-opted. Instead of coming up with a list of new year's resolutions pick one word that will help define the experiences you want for the year. I love this idea as opposed to a list of resolutions I probably won't keep. A single word to push me to focus on what I think is important for the year.

I don't remember every word I've picked over the last few years, but do remember "Bold" and "Create". I think I used something akin to "Do" a few years ago as well.

For 2010?

I've chosen "Learn" as my guiding word. I'm excited about this and am already thinking about all of the things I want to focus on learning:

  • I'm going to be a new mom. Being a parent is going to be a daily exercise in learning new skills and patience.

  • I want to enhance my design skills on the web side. The basics? No problem. But I want to learn to do thing so I don't feel held back when designing for the web.

  • I want to expand my knowledge of papercraft - always!

  • I want to read, read, read.

  • I want to relearn drawing by hand, so I don't feel so bogged down when I want to produce a sketch.

  • I want to learn more on the technical side of renewable energy to understand available technologies better.

But, it's all about learning.

What's your word for 2010?


  1. "Teach"

    Although, I am also learning on a daily basis I have realized how powerful it is to teach Chloe, my 1 year old, new and exciting things. Currently we are working on how to stack blocks, open zippers and find her belly button.

    I am truely amazed how her little mind picks things up so quickly.


  2. This year I'm going with "Spirituality." I often have a very concrete agenda and this year I want to spend some time exploring the space between the particles. Tops on my reading list are "A Simple Path,"by Mother Teresa and Thoreau's "Walden." I also have a few other words in mind, "Big fat fantasy." The book I am working on may be headed that direction!

  3. I love this idea. Someone else I know mentioned a "theme" for the year. I think my word is:
    I tend to take on way too much with my can-do approach to life. I can usually do it all but never get a chance to really enjoy just one thing thoroughly. My "Focus" is going to be on building out my new business to meet my vision.