Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No more Jordan almonds – creative wedding favors

Over at Etsy, Vanessa has posted a new article in their “Handmade Wedding” series on wedding favors. She’s shown some amazing Etsy finds as favors, all of them way better than those jordan almonds that no-one seems to actually like.

It reminded me of the wedding favors we handed out at our wedding. We still get compliments on them almost ten years later.

We had many people at our wedding who had never met before and decided to do something that would work as an ice breaker. Each guest received a small box with a plate of steel inside it (approximately 2” x 3”) and a custom bit of magnetic poetry attached. We purchased several boxes of magnetic poetry and had a lot of fun spending several hours making up one-liners for each gift.

At the wedding, guests who didn’t know each other had a great way to break the ice, asking each other to read their poetry and exchanging words to make new lines. It was a lot of fun. And each guest took a completely personalized gift home with them.

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